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LAYRITE // Gel Type Water Based SUPER HOLD - The Original Cabalheiro

LAYRITE // Gel Type Water Based SUPER HOLD

17th May 2016


Everybody knows Layrite. It was Donnie Hawley (the founder) that push the Barbering industry forward with his Hawleywood's Barbershop. As a barber, I must thank him for all the work he's been doing. But this is another talk. You are for his Layrite Super Hold. So let's dive into it.

This is a man's world. At least it is driven that way. So the pin-up girl gives a delicate touch, plus, it calls on the women that like to show the rockabilly lifestyle. I don't like plastic jars, but the overall packaging proves to be effective.

It says Mild Vanilla and I get some of it although I also get some lab feeling to it which I dislike in a way, but once you work it through the hair the scent develops to something softer.

Very thick. Similar to Reuzel Blue or even Suavecito Firme but pretty normal for the kind of Hold you get.

Goes like nothing in the hair which is surprising. With a product that thick you would expect difficulties, but this is just pure joy and with wet hair it is a breeze.

Since it is easy to apply you can expect a medium-light control but don't fool yourself, because it will not sacrifice the hold. See it as an advantage.

Great amount of hold from a product that's so easy to work with.

The wetter the hair, the higher the shine, but the advertised is medium shine. Since I applied it to towel dried hair, I got the most of it.

Once it dries, it is difficult but not as much as other similar products and if you wet comb, it's fine. Yes, I said "it dries" because it does. I wish it could stay the same as when you first apply it but with Gel Types, it's not possible...yet.

Since it dries, it will stay in place all day and I gotta mention that the dryness is not a Rock Solid one. It doesn't suck the life out of your hair. Which is nice.

Washes out in one go. Easy pie!

I had no expectations whatesoever for this product but it gave me a big surprise. With this kind of results, you can take some of the unorthodox pomade market, for sure. This is a great product! Not only because of the results, but because of the convenience it provides.