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LOCKHART'S // Beard Oil - The Original Cabalheiro

LOCKHART'S // Beard Oil

17th May 2016


To continue our beard series, lets dive into Lockhart's Beard Oil because grease is not the only thing you should keep an eye for when it comes to Steve Lockhart (the brewer).

The glass bottle looks pretty nice with the minimalistic approach. The focus falls into the ability to see the gold-ish liquid.

I think this is the downside about this product. I barely smelled it. Too light. Although if you are more into neutral aromas, this is perfect because it is really subtle. You'll get a distant woody blend on the background.

Thicker than normal oils. Maybe because of the Lanolin content. It gives versatility because with this thickness you can definitely use it for a pre-shave treatment.

You'll get a good amount of shine without feeling greasy.

It will last you the whole day.

In conclusion, this a great product to have in your arsenal. The only downside (in my opinion) it's the subtlety of the scent. I would like it a bit more proiminent but you may like it just the way it is. So, if we talk performance...it works!