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FLAGSHIP // Beard & Shave Oil - The Original Cabalheiro

FLAGSHIP // Beard & Shave Oil

15th May 2016


You can always expect the best from Flagship Pomade Co. whether it is for hair or other grooming products. This time we take a look at their Beard&Shave Oil.

Behind this great design is Jacob Steininger from STAR7CREATIVE. He really knocked it out of the park with the whole Flagship Pomade Co. concept by envigorating the face of the brand. It fits the amazing products that Wade (the brewer) makes.

I love Bergamot and Wade gave it a cool touch by adding the perfect amount of Frankincense to the mixture. It gives much more character to the scent. This combo between sweetness and freshness of citrus notes plus woody and strong aromas makes this oil even better.

I was expecting more thickness because it says Beard&SHAVE oil. For conditioning it is very light and leaves a more natural beard which is cool but if you ask me about its shaving properties, I would say I wanted the oil to be thicker so in this lighter approach I would use it as a pre-shave oil or a base to moisturize under the shaving cream.

Average shine. Not overwhelming.

It fades as the day goes by. I would say it lasts half your day in its full form and fades after that. The scent however will remain a bit more. Lighter than before but it will be there.

Overall, I highly recommend it because although it has a good performance, most of the times, I choose my oils based on the scent. And this one is really good. Another great product from Wade Branson.