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QUIXOTE // Unorthodox Water Based HEAVY HOLD [Pomade Review] - The Original Cabalheiro

QUIXOTE // Unorthodox Water Based HEAVY HOLD [Pomade Review]

8th May 2016


This product was talked throughout the whole pomade community. It is one of those unorthodox pomades that changed the game. But, although it is an amazing product, there are a few things I dislike. And those things are important in the overall veredict, so let's get into it.

It reminds me of traditional tattoos. Since the whole theme of Don Quixote don't work well with pomade in the way that knights didn't wear pomade, I think the brand needed a different approach, and they did it. It gets me confused, but it's decent.

Citrus Cologne. Different than others I've tried but it is good and you can smell it here and there throughout your day.

Things start to get crazy. I had 2 samples and the final product and they all had this dry, flaky texture. I don't know if anyone is suffering with this but I am. Also, this gets the breakdown way too difficult with annoying clumps everywhere. I used my thumb to squeeze them but some of them didn't go away and the crazy thing is that they'll show up in your hair.

No problems here. Super smooth and easy to work with. You feel right away that this pomade will give you good control judging for the strength to weight ratio.

I was amazed with the amount of control I got. It can give a great shape and with no major strays which is strange because the product is sticky but for this one, stickiness is slickness.

It is advertised as Heavy but I felt it like a true medium. Maybe it's my hair. Anyway, you can definetely style a high pomp. No question about it.

Average shine. Not too much, not too matte. People know you have product but it will not be overwhelming.

Super easy and it actually feels as an oil based if you touch your hair which is amazing.

It held my shape pretty well.

Washes out relatively easy but like any unorthodox, it can create build up if needed.

Overall I gotta say that I really like this product but I can't say I love it because those clumps make me nuts and breakdown is really difficult. Performance wise: killer, Experience wise: not so much...