Everybody wants to be good at work. If that’s not the case for you, maybe you need to consider a career change. But if you are looking to excel in your job, you gotta understand that skill is not the only thing that matters. With that in mind, I came up with 5 principles that will make a huge difference.

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1. Plan is everything.

Don’t be the last minute guy. Stress is a mood killer and you will be affected by it, either forgetting important things you needed for a specific task or poor judgement for decision making situations. Planning makes everything smoother and not only that. It will optimize your time, leaving space for other valuable work affairs.

2. Always be on time.

I am a barber. The majority of complains when it comes to my job are either being rushed out or waiting too long. In your case, take my father’s advice: “Your boss won’t see what time you leave work, but he will see what time you arrive.” and the same applies to your colleagues, clients, and so on…

Don’t make people wait for you. Being on time or slightly earlier will always make a good impression. Plus, people will perceive you as a safe, reliable character.

Unlike money, you can never get time back. So think about it when wasting someone else’s.

3. Whatever you do, be really good at it.

You can either hate your job and be miserable or get interested until you master it. It’s always about how serious you are in what you do. So whatever you choose in life, be really good at it. The more you know the less you fear, and therefore, you’ll become more confident, increasing the chances of actually enjoying what you’re doing if it wasn’t exactly your choice in the first place.

4. Let your work speak, not your ego.

Your worst enemy may be yourself. So watch out your attitude. You may have it all figured out and do great, but if your attitude stinks you’ll never be more than a great professional. Instead of working for a team, be part of it.

5. It’s all about hard work.

They say it takes 10.000 hours to master something. Trust me, work hard, because it does pay off and it will always beat talent. Not in skill, but in opportunity and recognition. At the end of the day, it’s not what you did specifically that gets remembered but how much effort you put into it. Why? Simple. It actually shows how much you care.

The purpose of this principles is not to enhance your skill but to give you a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction at work. When you think beyond what you can do and start looking at the details, you’re not only a good professional but a valuable person for the team.

Do you struggle with this? If not, do this principles actually work for you? Share your stories or thoughts in the comment section below.

Featured Photo by Marc Mueller from Pexels.

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