Everyone knows Clark Gable. His sense of style was out of this world and his figure was pure elegance. Famous for playing Rhett Butler in the epic film, Gone with the Wind, he was one of the most often seen leading men of the 1930s. From all the things that made him popular, his hair was definitely one of the most envied.

Classy, charming and romantic. An icon of style and chivalry to many, but the reality is Gable always took advantage of his appearance to seduce his way up the ladder. Not very charming, right? Either way, we can’t ignore (from an outsider point of view), his tremendous good looks.

Like any gent of his era, Gable would always dress in impeccable form, rockin’all kind of suits, shirts and ties, but his hair was a true statement of class. He always had an executive contour. Usually very slick and sharp, but sometimes the front would get a tiny wave that sat just right.

Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.
Clark Gable as Rhett Butler in “Gone With The Wind”

How to get the look?

This is pure old school style, so with that in mind, forget about fades or short sides. What you need is what we (barbers) call “fenders”. What mean is sides that are long enough to slick back. You can either do a square cut and try to maintain the length consistent all over or go a bit shorter on the sides and gradually get longer towards the transition area (parietal ridge).

For the top, don’t go crazy as he used to have it short enough to be tidy but longe enough to slick it. I would consider a good 4 inches worth with the front being longer than the back to give more shape.

• Apply a good amount of pomade, either water based or oil based as long as it has shine.
• Use a wide tooth comb to slick your hair back. It will also distribute the product efficiently.
• Use a normal comb and place a side parting where you want it.
• Slick the sides straight back and the top as well, but this time in a diagonal path.
• Give a little lift in the front, but don’t go crazy with it.

…and voilá!

Maybe you have a formal occasion where you need to excel, or you just wanna live the gentleman lifestyle. Either way, you now have the recipe for that Gable’s signature, serial seducer, but remember: with great looks, comes great responsibility.

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