With so many people either crying or craving for a beard, it is important to know that a beard needs proper care in order to look good! So, If you have what it takes and want to let that bush come out to the wild, you need to start with Beard Oil.

If you’re on the beard wagon, you probably know that the hair on our faces can be sort of unforgiving. Itchiness and dryness go hand in hand but you can fight it with proper care.

Beard oil can help nourish your facial hair while soothing the skin with a balanced layer of moisture. It will also give a subtle shine, reenforcing the statement: “I actually give a sh*t”. Because unkept beards are everything but sexy and there is a difference between growing a beard or actually having one.

What is Beard Oil?

It is a leave-in conditioning product that provides moisture and protection to the hair and skin. Furthermore, it replenishes natural oils while giving you healthier skin, stronger hairs and healthier growth as a result.

Rather than harsh chemically produced products, these are often made from a combination of natural Carrier Oils (ex: Jojoba, Argan, Castor Oil…) and Essential Oils (ex: Rosemary, Lavender, Peppermint…), this powerful combo is meant to be used daily.

The first being the base for moisturizing and conditioning purposes and the second one to give character through aroma. And unlike fragrances, essential oils are widely known for aromatherapy benefits. Hence the choice when it comes to scent development.

How to apply?

First of all, like any other masterpiece, we need a clean canvas. So give it a good wash and a gentle towel dry before applying anything. The following measures are based on my personal opinion and could work as a starting point but ultimately, it’s up to each individual. When in doubt, remember that less is more.

4 to 6 drops (Short)
6 to 8 drops (Medium)
8 to 12 drops (Long)

• Start by getting the oil underneath your facial hair to reach the skin.
• Use a comb  to allow even distribution.
• To refine the shape, use a bristle brush (optional).

That’s all folks! You can now face the world with that luscious hair of yours and with no fear of encounters that end up in tragedy. I mean, just because you have a bush on your face doesn’t mean it needs to look and feel like a hay ball from the old west…

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