If you’re wondering what this is all about…
I am a fully qualified barber, tattoo collector (which requires no certificate, only money) and a hopeless romantic (bet you cried a bit here). Change it for dropout, way cooler.

For the last few years I’ve been shaping the appearance of hundreds of men while helping them with their personal routines. So I’ll be using my expertise to help you out as well (Grooming).
Disclaimer: Everything I’ll share is either my way of doing it or general/personal opinion. I encourage you to seek the advice of your barber, hairdresser. They’ll always know you and your hair/beard better.

I’ve inspired some of those men as they definitely inspired me along the joyful moments, infinite stories or pieces of advice we shared. Loads of valuable and genuine wisdom that I’ll take as foundation to inspire or motivate you on that journey towards your better self (Growth).

I am also decently covered in tattoos which gives me the chance to explore some related topics that can help those who struggle to get their first one. For those who have loads of them, I’m sure you’ll find some content very familiar to you, which is great to spice a debate  (Tattoo).

Whether it’s Grooming, Growth or Tattoos, I’m pretty sure you’ll find something of interest to you.
Disclaimer: This is not a slogan and the rhyme was merely coincidence!